We’ve all faced the challenges of stress, tension, and varying degrees of trauma in our lives. Additionally, exposure to toxins in our food and environment compounds these challenges, leading to various health issues, including hormone imbalances, gut dysbiosis, anxiety, pain, and deep muscular tension patterns. In our sessions, we guide the body’s natural ability to resolve these issues, restore homeostasis, and enhance energy and vitality.

Recognizing that each person is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all protocol for restoring optimal health. We must consider the impact of stress and trauma on our physiology, diet, nutrition, lifestyle, water quality, exposure to electromagnetic radiation, and environmental toxins.
Therefore, my approach integrates a variety of modalities and techniques, such as Kinesiology, Tension & Trauma Release Exercises, Neuro-Gastro-Enterology, Infrared Light Therapy, and more.

Each session includes a follow-up support call/message to address any questions or concerns. I provide a variety of tools, techniques, and guidance to enhance a sense of safety in the nervous system, restore coherence in the heart and brain, and improve gut function, all of which promotes health, energy, and a sense of feeling grounded and connected within ourselves and others.

* One on one and virtual sessions are available as well as TRE® group sessions.


Tension & Trauma Release Exercises


Infrared Light Therapy


Tachyon Energy Disks


“From the moment you enter Shelley’s space you already feel at ease and welcomed. I had a wonderful experience and left feeling super relaxed with my sinuses already starting to clear up. Shelley explains everything that she is doing so you feel comfortable while in her care. I will definitely be going back for more sessions!”
Defne U
“I have completed six TRE sessions and through each session I experienced a sense of peace and calmness. It felt like a load of stress was lifted out of my body and my emotional mind and physical body came together in harmony. The best part was the great sleep I had after these sessions.”
Tammy W
“I benefited so much from Kinesiology and TRE, especially for my asthma!
Glynne H
“I recently attended TRE sessions with Shelley. After experiencing trauma through a difficult infertility journey and losing a child, I realise the importance of dealing with my emotions. TRE helped me to release some of this tension, allowing me to create more balance between my mind and body.”
Tammy K
“WOW! What a mind blowing, freeing experience TRE has been. I now have an effective tool I can use for the rest of my life to manage stress. The ease and impact of this treatment has been incredible.”
Natalie K
“An excellent, professional service. Shelley is kind, delightful and truly insightful. Love visiting her for a session.”
Rhonda H